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 The CPRE have just started up a small grants scheme for people wanting to restore fingerposts using the correct materials set out in the Dorset AONB 'how to guide'.

To find out more contact Linda Williams on or Tel: 0333 577 0360.

Before you email or phone, take a look at the information below for a little more information.

The CPRE are not asking for any match funding, and they are trying to make the process as easy as possible.  There is no application form, but would ask that a request came from come from a Parish Council representative ( or simalar) with a summary of the fingerposts that need repairing.

The minimum the CPRE would need is the location(s) of the fingerposts that need repairing and who the cheque needs to be made payable to.

The CPRE are covering the whole of the County of Dorset, and are prepared to award between £100-£200 per post.


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