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This August we are delighted to launch two new walking maps and an accompanying field guide to the Ridgeway, produced by local artist Amanda Wallwork, a renowned painter whose captivating work draws on the themes in Dorset's landscape.

Amanda has been busy over the summer drawing and painting a series of new maps for the Ridgeway, the first two of the series of six are now ready to publish.  The maps are based on hand drawn, original artwork but are also geographically correct.  All maps are designed with a specific purpose and with these our aim is to highlight the rich landscape heritage of the Ridgeway, so archaeology, geology, old routeways and local place names take centre stage.  The self-guided walking routes have also been chosen with this in mind - and cracking views!

The maps will be distributed through various local outlets and are currently available at Dorchester and Bridport Tourist Information Centres, but will be circulated more widely as more become available.  In the meantime, if you can't wait to get your hands on a pack email and we will post you one.

Alternatively the maps and field guide can also be downloaded as pdf from our website.


Step back in time to a Dorset from years gone by.

Your history, brought to life …

Windrose Rural Media Trust, as part of its Handing Down Heritage project, will be showing forgotten films from Dorset’s past at the Community Hall on Saturday 21st October.

The Windrose team will be bringing old films to Martinstown village hall in a show packed with gems from the villages and towns around Dorset, celebrating village and farming life from the 1930s through to the 1970s.  One of Windrose’s enduring goals is to save and copy old cine film of rural life, so that people can see the past of our villages, towns and countryside in the most vivid way possible.

Jack Dimond The Binder612x300px

The show will feature films such as farming in the 1940s when many farmers were in transition from using horse power to machines, Mayday celebrations in Martinstown in the 1970s and harbour activities in Weymouth in the 1960s.  Will’s Surgery will also feature in the show, It celebrates cider making on the Dare family’s farm at Shave Cross and features  a lot of cider drinking, storytelling and wild behaviour amongst the elder generation!

Handing Down Heritage - get involved.

The film show is your opportunity to find out how your memories can be kept alive too.  The Windrose team would like to record your stories and thoughts about your experiences of living on the Ridgeway.  Capturing these precious memories is a wonderful way to hand down your heritage for future generations. 

The film show is on Saturday 21st October at the Village Hall in Martinstown.  Doors open at 18.30 and the show will start at 19.00.

Tickets are free and are limited to 2 per person.  For further information about tickets, the show and the Handing Down Heritage audio project contact James Sharpe, of Dorset AONB's South Dorset Ridgeway team, at

Handing Down Heritage is one of many projects delivered as part of the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership, the SDRLP Partnership is led by Dorset AONB, with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The partnership is made up of an innovative mix of archaeologists, artists, landowners, naturalists, teachers and most importantly local people, who live, work and visit the South Dorset Ridgeway. 

It’s your opportunity to celebrate and share what you love about living in and on the Ridgeway!

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What histories, what stories would these stones, and ancient barrows tell us if they could talk?

What legends, fairy tales, local myths and oral histories have been woven into and around the landscape? What natural and created sounds can be heard high on the skyline underground, along footpaths, ancient tracks, and whispering woodlands?

In a ground-breaking new project as part of the South Dorset Landscape Partnership (The Land of Bone and Stone), a series of smartphone Apps have been developed which allows you to experience this universe for yourself!

walkiing south dorset ridgewayPartners SATSYMPH have laid out a series of sound-pools in 7 evocative locations along the South Dorset Ridgeway. Access the sound-pools by downloading an app onto your smartphone, plus background maps, and head out to any of the 7 locations. Once there, open the app, plug your headphones in and wander. Your smartphone automatically senses the sound-hotspots through GPS and opens out the sound experience. 

Land Bone Stone Apps 1-3 were made by the 3-man artistic collective SATSYMPH working with DIVAcontemporary, Sir John Colfox School (Bridport), Beaminster School, Weymouth College and Dorset Studio School, InsideOut Dorset, Artmusic, Frances Aitken and members of the public.

Guides to accompany the Apps:

lbs-app1.pdf1.87 MB

lbs-app2.pdf2.32 MB

 lbs-app3.pdf2.5 MB

Links to download the Apps, from:

Google Play

and itunes:

Then let us know what you think of them...



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