7082112737 fa8777e538 oNot all that long ago, every traditional Dorset black and white fingerpost boasted a cast iron roundel which told you where in the county you were. However pure neglect, theft and vandals have robbed us of a great number of these historic features and, along with them, have disappeared wonderfully evocative old names like Three Guinea Bridge, Shearing’s Cross, Bonfire Hill, Cuckoo Lane and Amen Corner.

So what can we do to ensure that they are conserved and continue to make an important contribution to our Dorset distinctiveness now and into the future?

Dorset AONB is leading a countywide project to restore them and has been working with residents, community groups and businesses to help them refurbish our special fingerposts to ensure that they are conserved now and into the future. The project uses high quality, locally-sourced traditional materials and skills and includes the replacement of those very important roundels, so that we don’t lose those wonderful old names.

To find out more about the project and how to get involved contact info@dorsetaonb.org.uk

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