Litter Free Coast & Sea

One action within the Coastal Corridor Action Plan, was 'caring for the coast'  and this new campaign Litter Free Coast & Sea will reduce marine and beach litter at source along the Dorset and East Devon coast, and is being funded by the Dorset AONB Sustainable Development Fund and the Crown Estate.

beach_litter_cropLitter not only looks horrible on our beaches, it also costs lots of money for local councils to clear it up, it is a safety issue for beach/coastal users and it can get washed into the sea, harming marine creatures and damaging fishing and recreational boating equipment.

Regular clean up events are held across Dorset and East Devon every year, with hundreds of volunteers helping to remove tonnes of rubbish from our coastline. However, with more people using our coastal areas every year, we need to aim to stop litter at its source in order to effectively maintain a beautiful and safe area for people to enjoy and to protect our internationally important sites for wildlife.

A group of organisations across Dorset and East Devon have joined forces to try and tackle this issue at source by launching The Litter Free Coast and Sea Campaign. This campaign will help coastal visitors and residents understand the economic, social and environment impacts of marine and beach litter and promote practical action to reduce the amount of publicly sourced litter along our coast.


The Campaign has been funded by The Crown Estate, Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund and East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund. It is being delivered by a wide range of local organisations which make up the Dorset and East Devon Marine and Beach Litter Group. Organisations include; Dorset Coast Forum, Jurassic Coast World Heritage Team, Dorset Countryside, Ranger Services, Natural England, Green Blue, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Dorset Waste Partnership, Exe Estuary Management Partnership, East Devon Streetscene Team, East Devon Coastal Ranger Team and The National Trust. The group is carrying out the campaign on behalf of the Jurassic Coast Trust.

You can support the Litter Free Coast and Sea Campaign by:

  • Enjoying a "Litter Free Lunch"
  • Shouting about the campaign! - we would like to invite every accommodation provider and coastal recreation club to help us spread the word about the campaign by displaying campaign posters in common areas - contact Matilda Bark at: for posters.  Window stickers now available.
  • Carrying out a marine and beach litter inspired project - We have set up a project fund and applications are invited from schools, community and youth groups wishing to carry out marine and beach litter inspired projects in the area. To apply please Matilda  Now closed to new applications

Taking part in or organising a beach clean! - visit the beach clean networkwebsite

Schools are also invited to get involved by downloading the "Litter Free Coast and Sea Education Pack". Created as part of the "Big Jurassic Classroom", this pack has lots of lesson ideas to help children and young people learn about the impacts of marine and beach litter. Download the pack at: bjc (available from 7th November 2011)


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