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A circular roundel which once sat proudly on top of an original Victorian cast iron fingerpost in Dorset has been reunited with its sign. The sign is being refurbished as part of the ‘Dorset Fingerpost Project’ a campaign created by Dorset AONB to encourage residents, communities and businesses to restore the county’s iconic fingerpost signs back to their original state. Local resident Mr Geoff Rumsey rescued the roundel from thloders fingerposte Dorset County Council depot in Bridport 15 years ago. Mr Rumsey, (pictured with Cllr Bryan Hyde and volunteer Dick Nadin) recently donated it to Loders Parish Council.

Hilary Nadin, a Loders Parish Council volunteer, explains: “Originally all our village fingerposts had roundels and now there are only two surviving on the outskirts of the Parish.” She said they are keen to get all the fingerposts back to their original condition, “as they form such an important part of our landscape.” Loders Parish Council are calling upon the support and skills from local residents, like Martin Stones from Minster Joinery whose generous contribution of five hardwood fingers enabled them to make a start on this village project.

Sue Mitchell from the Dorset AONB adds: “This is another fantastic example of how passionately Dorset residents feel towards our iconic fingerpost signs. We are encouraging everyone and anyone in Dorset to get involved in any way that they can to help the county maintain its local distinctiveness.

“If anyone would like to find out how to become a fingerpost spotter or champion, they can contact Dorset AONB expressing their interest about a local sign and together we can then ensure that the signs are restored to retain their historical integrity.”

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