walking below the Ridgeway credit Dorset AONB

Discover more of the secrets of the South Dorset Ridgeway and download this audio trail. Share the experience of both experts and local residents as they talk about the landscape, wildlife and personalities associated with Hardy's High Road.

The walk starts in Broadmayne and follows in the steps of Thomas Hardy with incredible views of the coast. Passing reference to the Dorset dialect poet William Barnes and the incredible chalk figure of the Osmington White Horse can also be heard. Listen to Yettie band member Bonny Sartin sing Barnes’ famous poem Linden Lea.

The tour is designed to be played on an iPod, mobile phone or mp3 player. You can take it with you as you enjoy the walk or listen to the complete tour at home.

Directions for downloading

Download the walk map with listening points. Hardy_High_Road_Audio_Trail_Map.pdf 169.28 Kb

To download the tour right click on the file below and chose the option to save the file to your computer. Once saved to your computer you can add the files to your device as you would songs or any other file. This will vary per device, but you can use any supplied software (such as iTunes), or drag and drop the file.

Hardy's High Road Audio Trail File Hardys_High_Road.zip 20.52 Mb

Or choose a track to listen to:

Track 1 The Horserider 2'18 [SY 72724-86070]

Meeting a rider at the start of the walk

Track 2 The Droves 3'17 [SY 72405-85620]

Claire Pinder Senior Archaeologist at Dorset County Council talks about the droves along the walk

Track 3 Half Moon Coppice 2'39 [SY 71994-85176]

Steve White, local historian talks about the wildlife along the route

Track 4 The Barrows 3'26 [SY 71020-84782]

Claire Pinder and local historian Steve White talk about the Bronze Age round barrows that are such a feature of the Ridgeway

Track 5 Osmington White Horse 3'04 [SY 71643-84477]

Steve White talks about this chalk figure of King George III carved on the Ridgeway in 1808

Track 6 Hardy's High Road  3'15 [SY 71881-84430]

Sue Clark from the Thomas Hardy Society paints the picture of Hardy's High Road  which features in Hardy's novel The Trumpet Major....she reads an extract from the book and explains what the vista means to her

Track 7 Oxwell Hall 4'00 [SY 74041-84010]

Sue Clark describes Poxwell Manor which feature's in Hardy's novel The Trumpet Major

Bonus Track Linden Lea  3'01

Looking out across Winterbourne Came and Whitcombe Sue Clark remembers the Dorset Dialect poet William Barnes. Bonny Sartin of the Yetties sings Linden Lea

Bonus Track Norrie Woodhall 2'37

Interview with Norrie Woodhall the only surviving member of the Hardy Players.  Born in 1905, she talks about being part of the group and Tess of the Durbervilles.