walking below the Ridgeway credit Dorset AONB

Discover more of the secrets of the South Dorset Ridgeway and download this audio trail. Share the experience of both experts and local residents as they talk about the landscape, wildlife and personalities associated with the Barrow Circle.

The walk starts in Martinstown and explores villages long forgotten and modern, passes ancient burial grounds and working farms. the trail leads you to some of the most spectacular coastal views in Dorset.

The tour is designed to be played on an iPod, mobile phone or mp3 player. You can take it with you as you enjoy the walk or listen to the complete tour at home.

Directions for downloading

Download the walk map with listening points. Barrow Circle Audio Trail Map 194.98 Kb

To download the tour right click on the file below and chose the option to save the file to your computer. Once saved to your computer you can add the files to your device as you would songs or any other file. This will vary per device, but you can use any supplied software (such as iTunes), or drag and drop the file.

Barrow Circle Audio Trail File Barrow_Circle.zip  bytes

Or choose a tack to listen to:

Track 1-3  At the start [SY 64736 - 88975]

1. Peter Evans of the Ramblers gives an overview of walking 2'04

2. Mike Fry talks about his company,  MJ Fry Agricultural Engineers1'56

3. Margaret Hearing tells the story of horse racing in the valley 1'37

Track 4 Biodiversity [SY 64057 - 87227]

Amanda Marler  of the Dorset Wildlife Trust discusses the biodiversity of the South Dorset Ridgeway 1'49

Track 5 The Barrows [SY 63779 - 86788]

John Gale of Bournemouth University describes the significant barrow cemetery at Bronkham Hill 2'15

Track 6 Butterflies [SY 61838 - 87822]

Nigel Spring,  butterfly conservationist  introduces the types of butterflies that can be seen on the Ridgeway biodiversity around the walk particularly the top 2'02

Tracks 7-9 Orchard, deserted village [SY 63962 - 89426]

7. Margaret Hearing (Local Historian) talks about the village of Rew 1'27

8. Claire Pinder (Dorset County Council) talk about the deserted village of Rew, which is also known as Orchard.1'52

9. Tom King, the farmer at Church Farm discusses the lost village on  his land 1'39

Track 10 Sheep dipping [SY 64476 - 89026]

Claire Pinder describes the Sheepwash in the village of Martinstown 1'03

Bonus Track 1 Farming the Ridgeway 1

Nick Finding talks about farming with historic monuments on the land 2'22

Bonus Track 2 Farming the Ridgeway 2

Norman Barnes describes changing a way of life and opening the farm shop 3'11

Bonus Track 3 Artist reconstruction

Jayne Brayne talks about reconstructing this view of Bronze Age round barrows on the South Dorset Ridgeway 1'55