School pupils at Maiden Castle credit Dave Penman
Class of 1906 at Broadmayne-School

During the South Dorset Ridgeway Heritage Project volunteers collected memories of residents of the area in an oral history project - Ridgeway Voices.

Some of those memories were presented in an exhibition at Dorset County Museum in 2011and some have been gathered together for use in schools. Download the tracks and supporting information to use in the classroom.

There are three themes for you to choose from - Starting School, Wartime and Farming

1. Starting School

Three memories of starting school in the village of Broadmayne

Support Material: Starting School 843.32 Kb

Audio clips:

Maurice Trevett

Mary Elsie Wells

June Tribe

2. Wartime Childhood

Four childhood memories of life along the Ridgeway during the Second World War

Support Material: Wartime Childhood 2.53 Mb

Audio clips:

Ken Miller from Osmington

June Tribe from Broadmayne

Jock Lane from Poxwell

Mary Goode from Sutton Poyntz

3. Farming the Ridgeway

Four memories of different farming experiences across the Ridgeway

Support Material: Farming_the_Ridgeway.pdf 6.74 Mb

Audio Clips:

Jock Lane, a farmer from Poxwell

Joyce Hammett, a smallholder from Broadmayne

David Saunders, a farmer from Sutton Poyntz

Sue Wintle from Sutton Poyntz. Her grandparents had a smallholding.