Clandon Barrow credit Mike Franklin

Long Barrows

Within the Ridgeway area 17 long barrow sites are known. These are usually mounds of earth with a stone or wooden burial chamber at one end. Many of the Ridgeway long barrows have been ploughed away but two stone chambered ones have survived. They were in use for about 1,000 years in what is called the Neolithic period, some 5-6,000 years ago.

In 2007 English Heritage, with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers undertook a geophysical survey of Long Barrows in the South Dorset Ridgeway Area.

The Hell Stone (SY 60588670)

Hellstone Credit-Hazel RileyThis stone chambered long barrow near Portesham was moved and restored in the 19th century.


The Grey Mare and Her Colts (SY 58388706)

Stones from the long barrow with coastline behind Credit-Dorset AONBA more impressive long barrow, over 20 metres of the mound has survived behind the single burial chamber, made of sarsen stones.