Clandon Barrow credit Mike Franklin

Bank Barrows

There are three of these mysterious long earthen mounds in the Ridgeway area. There use is unknown, but they must have been impressive sights in there day, 5,000 or so years ago. The sites are also associated with later monuments

The Long Bredy Bank Barrow [SY 57169115]

195m long and 20m wide, the barrow makes an important statement at Martinsdown , alongside the present A35 Bridport to Dorchester road.

Maiden Castle Bank Barrow (SY 66928850)

Artists impression of Maiden Castle Bank Barrow Credit - English HeritageLong before this hill was constructed into a hill fort a bank barrow was built along its top. Around 545m long the barrow is still visible in the centre of the site.

Map of location

Broadmayne Bank Barrow (SY 70288533)

Long grassy mound Credit-Stuart CankettThis bank barrow is about 180m long and the site now includes a group of Bronze Age Round Barrows.