Poole Harbour from Arne by Sue Macpherson ARPS

Purbeck’s Veteran Trees

Veteran and ancient trees have been flagged up by research carried out by DERC for the WP monitoring group as needing more attention. Survey work will be carried out on potential and known veteran trees, as indicated by DERC, using a combination of volunteers and professional surveyors.

Work on this project has consisted of:

  • Veteran tree survey form has been adapted from Dorset’s Greenwood Tree project, based on Natural England methodology.
  • Gaps in veteran tree data for Purbeck were identified by DERC through the Wild Purbeck Climate Change Group ‘s Micro habitat assessment.
  • Veteran tree surveys carried out according to this guidance include Holton Lee Estate, East Holme Estate, Kilwood Nature Reserve and Stone Hill Down Nature Reserve. Data collected from these sites were uploaded to database and GIS.
  • From this baseline data targeted lichen studies were carried out at Kilwood and Stone Hill Down.  A further study is planned depending of funding at East Holme.

Two training days were held for 8 local volunteers to assist with this and future veteran tree surveys in Purbeck.  A ‘Trees in Your Landscape’ was carried out in July.  This increased the aspirations of the project to empower more people to survey the trees in their own patch.

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