Poole Harbour from Arne by Sue Macpherson ARPS

Community Projects

The Wild Purbeck partnership aims to bring a range of information and opportunities arising from its wildlife and landscape to the local community:

Community gateway

  • What?  A first point for information for the comunity, this project will offer every parish in the area support in developing their own environmental interests.  Opportunities will be developed for people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Where?  Across the area
  • Who's leading?  Dorset Wildlife Trust

Past Arts

  • What?  This project uses historic landscape paintings to help understand how landcapes have changed over the last century or so.  Walks and exhibitions will be developed to revisit the views captured on canvas
  • Where?  The project will identify several sites across the area
  • Who's leading?  Dorset AONB

Schools programme

  • What?  A programme of events and curriculum-relevant material will be developed for use in schools in and around the area.

  • Where? Available across the county, it will target the schools in the Wareham pyramid.
  • Who's leading?  Jurassic Coast World Heritage Team

Forest Schools

  • What? Forest School Leadership Training for local schools.

  • Where? The schools will be across several sites in the area

  • Who's leading? Jurrasic Coast Heritage Team

Community Funding

  • What? Funding secured to enable community groups to undertake projects which improve the wildlife habitats in their local area and encourage community engagement with nature.
  • Where? Across the NIA area
  • Who's leading? Dorset Wildlife Trust

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