Poole Harbour from Arne by Sue Macpherson ARPS

Summary and outcomes

This aimed to engage audiences in a dialogue about landscape change through a series of events, workshops and guided walks. Additional funding was secured in the first year to appoint a project consultant to develop the programme of events.

Workshops with residence artists and primary schools took place during year 2, with 3D maps of local walks created by local children. Work with a secondary school looked at the changes in the landscape around Swanage and Durlston through taking new photos at the same sites as old photos and incorporating them into an exhibition held at Durlston Country Park.

Events and exhibitions took place during the spring of 2014 and were extremely successful at engaging a wide audience. The project has involved a wide variety of people who have not necessarily taken part in other Wild Purbeck projects.


Swanage School Durlston    Swanage School Durlston

Exhibitions were attended by over 11,000 people and included: 

  •             6 exhibitions of past landscape art,
  •           7 self guided walks,
  •        17 talks and events,
  •             4 artist led guided walks 
  •            3 in school artist workshops (attended by 62 primary school children).


In addition to the Past Arts work, an opportunity arose in the spring of 2014 to host workshops and a performance in Purbeck by Burn the Curtain, hands on Theatre Company based in the South West where audiences participate in the performance. Three school workshops attended by 92 young people contributed material to a performance of “The Bureau of Extraordinance Survey”, which took place in April. An additional performance of a Beaford Arts production “The Common” took place at Harmon’s Cross at the end of March 2015.

Cordite factory model


Highlights and challenges


Throughout the project there have been many challenges that occurs with a multi faceted project, getting the right contact in the initial stages whether that be schools, artists or museums. 

Translating interest in the project into active participation, particularly in terms of delivering activities and coordinating a large number of varied events over a wide geographic area set its own challenges.

The majority of events were very successful with high numbers of attendees with one of the most successful events was organised by a group of organisations who decided to work together. Holton Lee, Wareham Museum and Sandford Heritage Community Group organised two events, which enabled visitors to see a model of the old cordite factory (built by staff during WW2) undertake guided walks around the site as it is today and participate in artist led workshops. The two days attracted over 1200 visitors with numerous requests for the events to be repeated in the future.


What next?

 Drawing Inspiration is developing a school resource pack and further work around photography is in development for the future

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