Poole Harbour from Arne by Sue Macpherson ARPS

Research & planning projects

The Wild Purbeck partnership will collect the best information for informing its activity, and create plans and strategies to manage the area's biggest pressures:

Landscape Permeability

  • What?  Using satellite mapping, an analysis of the habitat networks will allow the partnership to target its efforts to those areas which need it most.
  • Where?  Across the area
  • Who's leading?  Dorset AONB

Climate change adaptation

  • What?  This project will determine a monitoring framework to help inform the best moves to help the area's wildlife and people adapt to inevitable climate change
  • Where?  Across the area
  • Who's leading?  RSPB

Cyril Diver's archive

  • What?  A huge archive of information about Studland was gathered by this 1930s expert; this project will preserve these records and make them available for use.  Comparisons between then and now will inform our ongoing efforts.
  • Where? Studland
  • Who's leading?  National Trust

Fire management planning

  • What?  Continous habitat restoration can present an increased fire risk; this project will establish ways to minimise this risk while maximising the restoration effort.
  • Where? Across the area but focussing on 'high risk' habitats - woodland and heath
  • Who's leading?  Forestry Commission

Visitor management planning

  • What?  Significant pressures come from the area's huge number of visitors.  This project will help visitors and locals alike enjoy the area's outstanding wildlife and landscape while avoiding damage to the most sensitive sites
  • Where? Across the area
  • Who's leading?  National Trust


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