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Summary and outcomes

The aim of this project was assess the training needs of farmers where relating to the management of the WPNIA’s high quality environment. During the first year, Kingston Maurward College undertook a training needs analysis to establish what training needs were required.


The information generated from this was used in the development of an accredited course: a Level 4 BASIS Foundation Award in Agronomy. This provided 7 delegates with 6 days of training on a variety of topics.

Delegates from Purbeck farms took up training on: managing crop and soil nutrition; and diseases, weeds and pests, with an emphasis on protecting people, animals and the Purbeck environment. All candidates passed the course through an independently marked exam, accruing CPD points on the BASIS register.

A broad spectrum of knowledge was covered both with practical field work and theoretically. This gave rise to the following comments from the delegates

·      Now able to use the information at work and understand the how and why of what we do.

·      Interesting, informative with good notes for further reference.

·      Updated on the legislation

·      Very relevant to the practising farmer in the NIA

What next?


This course has encouraged these delegates to consider going on further to the next qualification which they probably might not have thought of doing had it not been for this foundation course through the WPNIA.

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