As part of the Winterbournes Project, Dorset County Council have worked with local people to research and discover the history of the River Winterborne valley. Training and events have been run and have unearthed some fascinating insights into the valleys past.

In some parts of the valley, there are signs of prehistoric field systems and round barrows - evidence that the pure waters of the winterbournes have been central to communities for a very long time. Palaeolithic hand axes have also been found in the gravel beds of the river.

Remnants of medieval life have also been found - ridge and furrow on flat land and strip lynchets terracing slopes both part of the farming systems of that time. The churches and old buildings scattered through the valley also give a great insight into life in the valley in the past.

If you would like to help research more of the history of the valley, please do get in touch.

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