Festival of Discovery - YESTERDAY'S RIDGEWAY

Saturday 16 June 201807:30pm - 09:30pm

Abbotsbury Tumulus InfraredSnippets from interviews undertaken during our Ridgeway Radio project will set the scene for a series of short, archive films from Windrose Rural Media Trust that capture rural life in Dorset during the past century (or more!). Folk musicians will bring silent films and stories alive. 

See a selection from the film programme below:


Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Suitable for All Ages

Free event - Booking Essential as limited places.

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Enquiries:  Festival of Discovery Coordinator Nikki Hawkins on  07741 660697 or email landofboneandstone@gmail.com

Some of the selected short films to be shown at this event:

West Bay 1930s
This film was made in 1930s by the Weaver family. It was just a holiday movie but now it shows scenes of a working port which can no longer be seen. There is still a small amount of fishing but large ships no longer squeeze through the harbour entrance to be loaded and unloaded by horse and cart. West Bay is now almost entirely given over to the leisure industry and expensive housing.

005 West Bay Weaver.00 03 53 07.Still005    005 West Bay Weaver.00 01 02 00.Still002    005 West Bay Weaver.00 05 38 22.Still004

Portland Shanties 1953
The Isle of Portland is a huge rocky outcrop on the Dorset coast near Weymouth. It is connected to the mainland by a causeway and its community long had a very distinctive character. The mass of the workforce was, in earlier years, employed in stone quarrying. Portland stone was used all over the country for the most prestigious buildings. Some of the quarries are still active today.
In 1953 Peter Kennedy, nephew of Cecil Sharp’s colleague Maud Karpeles and himself a lifelong folk song collector, made a film of Portland quarrymen working to shanties. When splitting great blocks of stone from their beds by hand using hammers and wedges, it was vital that the whole team of men struck at exactly the same time. The rhythm of work songs was an important aid.
By the time of the film, the songs had almost ceased to be used but they were well remembered and it was not difficult to get the quarrymen to sing them again.

P1 002 Portland Shanties.mov.00 02 45 16.Still001 Windrose Rural Media Trust    P1 002 Portland Shanties.mov.00 03 02 17.Still002 Windrose Rural Media Trust    P1 002 Portland Shanties.mov.00 03 37 12.Still005 Windrose Rural Media Trust

Will’s Surgery 1960s
A television piece, made by the late Clive Gunnell, about cider making on the Dare family’s farm at Shave Cross, west Dorset. The cider making process is shown in some detail but it quickly becomes a film about cider drinking! The stories, dialect and singing are extraordinary and hilarious.

014 Wills Surgery.00 09 05 18.Still004    014 Wills Surgery.00 03 21 15.Still002    014 Wills Surgery.00 06 27 04.Still003

Verwood Pottery 1917
An early professional film of the Crossroads Pottery in Verwood, one of the famous artisan potteries of that area. These were pots for utility not art. The process is shown from treading the clay and turning the pots to firing with a wood fired kiln. One of the potters, who appears as a young man in the film, adds his memories recorded when he was in his 90s.

Verwood Pottery stills Windrose RMT1 Windrose Rural Media Trust    Verwood Pottery stills Windrose RMT2 Windrose Rural Media Trust    Verwood Pottery stills Windrose RMT3 Windrose Rural Media Trust

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