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Dry stone walls are a very old feature of our landscape. They provide a clear illustration of the importance of local stone as a building material.

We want to preserve them. Will you help us?

  • The Landscape Partnership is running a series of 'have a go' one and two day events. Come along and try your hand at building a wall.
  • We are also recruiting 5 Volunteer Rangers to improve the walls, lead work parties and undertake their own projects.


Tell me more about dry stone walls...

  • The art of maintaining dry stone walls is disappearing as a traditional skill. 
  • With the creation of wire fencing and the mechanisation of farming (resulting in far fewer people working in the countryside) our traditional dry stone walls have become redundant. They are falling into disrepair and the vital knowledge about how to maintain them is gradually disappearing too. We don't want this to happen. 
  • The distribution of dry stone walls in the South Dorset Ridgeway reflects local rock type. For example, there are only stone walls above limestone deposits, or nearby.

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