Introducing the Landscape Conservation Action Plan for the South Dorset Ridgeway.  The plan sets out why this landscape is special, provides a detailed description of the landscape character, outlines significant forces for change and provides detailed project descriptions and work plans.

From the outset the ambition for the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership has been that this scheme of work is just the start of our work towards a longer term vision.  The later sections describe how we will work towards sustaining the outcomes of the projects in the longer term and how we will evaluate our effectiveness, thus providing essential management information to guide our future work.

Section 1 - A detailed description of the landscape area17.15 MB

Section 2 - The significance of the South Dorset Ridgeway landscape2.67 MB

Section 3 - Risks and opportunities relating to landscape heritage12.89 MB

Section 4 - The aims and objectives of the South Dorset Ridgeway Partnership183.66 KB

Section 5 - detailed project descriptions and work plans for:

Programme A - Conserving or restoring built or natural heritage

SDR-A1 – Linking the Ridgeway (incorporating Black Down restoration)

Landowner advice and grant scheme to restore habitat, improve connectivity and permeability of habitat and conserve farmland birds & butterflies as key indicators. The creation of grazing compartments on Black Down to support restoration and management of lowland heath.

SDR-A1 - Linking the Ridgeway2.7 MB

SDR-A1 - Linking the Ridgeway work plan1.98 MB

SDR-A2 - Wonders of the Winterbourne

Restoration of sections of South Winterbourne and learning activities related to its importance.

SDR-A2 - Wonders of the Winterbourne572.18 KB

SDR-A2 - Wonders of the Winterbourne work plan1.02 MB

SDR-A3 – Carbon Club

Promoting more efficient farming operations through farmer led discussion groups and workshops.

SDR-A3 - Carbon Club465.88 KB

SDR-A3 - Carbon Club work plan656.35 KB

SDR-A4 – Heritage on the Edge

Conserving and restoring small built heritage features, such as dry stone walls, ancient monuments, hedgerows, fingerpost and roadside verges.

SDR-A4 - Heritage on the Edge602.1 KB

SDR-A4 - Heritage on the Edge work plan2.45 MB

Programme B - Participation in heritage conservation

SDR-B6 - Discovering your natural and historic environment

Informing, enthusing, training and supporting people in exploring and recording their natural and historic environment.

SDR-B6 - Discovering your natural and historic environment895.74 KB 

SDR-B6 - Discovering work plan2.25 MB

SDR-B8 – Celebrating the Ridgeway

A programme of events and summer holiday workshops includes Inside Out Dorset 2014 - a major performing arts based event.

SDR-CB8 - Celebrating the Ridgeway429.19 KB

SDR-CB8 - Celebrating work plan1.42 MB

SDR-B9 – Ridgeway Radio

Journalistic training for young people in rural communities and support to produce their own material for broadcast/publication based around the oral histories of older people within their community.

SDR-B9 - Ridgeway Radio636.18 KB

SDR-B9 - Ridgeway Radio work plan739.68 KB

SDR-B10 – Handing Down Heritage

Artist led, community based project to record and celebrate local people's lives and relationship to the place they live through sound recordings and visual art

SDR-B10 - Handing Down Heritage625.21 KB

SDR-B10 - Handing Down Heritage work plan946.52 KB

SDR-B11 – SatScape (GIS geolocated soundscape)

Creating a series of virtual soundscapes in the landscape, experienced using GPS enabled smart phones via an app.

SDR-B11 - South Dorset Ridgeway GPS Soundscape889.26 KB

SDR-B11 - GPS Soundscape work plan1.55 MB

Programme C - Improving access to and learning about this landscape

SDR-C12 – Perceptions of prehistory

The development of a scheme-wide Community Archaeology Project developed and led by Bournemouth University. BU will research and develop a best practise model that will be an integral part of the Schemes legacy.

SDR-C12 - Perceptions of prehistory358.39 KB

SDR-C12 - Perceptions of prehistory work plan681.25 KB

SDR-C13 – Black Down

Developing easy access trail and interpretation on Black Down, a key site within the South Dorset Ridgeway.

SDR-C13 - Access Black Down402 KB

SDR-C13 - Access Black Down work plan808.44 KB

SDR-C14 – The Old Ways

Access improvements, interpretation and promotion of 10 circular walks and the piloting of a ‘Tramper buggy’ hire operation in association with a local business.

SDR-C14 - The Old Ways4.21 MB

SDR-C14 - The Old Ways work plan2.1 MB

SDR-C15 – Field Days

Archaeological field walks with artistic response to found and collection objects, resulting in touring exhibition around the Scheme area.

SDR-C15 - Field Days1.47 MB

SDR-C15 - Field Days work plan859.43 KB

SDR-C16 – South Dorset Ridgeway Museum Gallery

An interpretive refit of Archaeology Gallery in Dorset County Museum to tell the stories of the South Dorset Ridgeway.

SDR-C16 - South Dorset Ridgeway Museum Gallery292.55 KB

SDR-C16 - SDR Museum Gallery work plan867.24 KB

SDR-C17 – Pick it up and pass it on

An extensive schools programme that includes South Dorset Ridgeway Emporium of Curiosities (interpretive learning space to tour schools) and support for teachers to develop their own materials that draw on landscape heritage. It also includes the provision of Forest School training to enable more young people to use the Ridgeway as an outdoor classroom.

SDR-C17 - Pick it Up and Pass it On1.48 MB

SDR-C17 - PiuPio work plan.pdf397.11 KB

SDR-C18 – Rooting around the Ridgeway

A cultural heritage project with three elements; reading groups/landscape in literature, local folk music (especially the Hammond Collection) and Church architecture/West Galleries.

SDR-C18 - Rooting Around the Ridgeway527.41 KB

SDR-C18 - Rooting work plan623.75 KB

Programme D - Training opportunities in heritage skills

SDR-D19 – Understanding the Ridgeway

A 20 week evening/weekend course on the heritage of the Ridgeway landscape delivered and accredited by Kingston Maurward College.

SDR-D19 - Understanding the Ridgeway4.1 MB

SDR-D20 – Ranging over the Ridgeway

The training and support of 40 Volunteer Rangers over the life of the Scheme and 2 Trainee Rangers per year. The input of these Volunteer and Trainee Rangers will play a huge part in the success of many of the projects within the Scheme.

SDR-D20 - Ranging Over the Ridgeway4.71 MB

SDR-D20 - Ranging work plan932.4 KB

SDR-D21 – Felt the Ridgeway

Local people participating in making a touring, felt and wool 'Ridgeway' to be displayed in Village Halls and other spaces around the Ridgeway, each community adding their own contribution.

SDR-D21 - Felt the Ridgeway537.8 KB

SDR-D21 - Felt workplan.pdf732.61 KB

SDR-D22 – Farming for Heritage

Free farming skills development and offers of various training courses to farm workers in the project area

SDR-D22 - Farming for Heritage674.21 KB

Programme E - Scheme management

Details are currently being updated and will follow shortly

Section 6 - Sustaining the Scheme's outcomes into the future106.53 KB

Section 7 - How we will evaluate our success564.41 KB

Section 8 - Adoption and review of this plan306.87 KB